Why Would I Have Maggots In My Beautiful Clean Pool? How Did They Get There? Its Never Happened Before.?

This morning i discovered hundreds of maggots in my perfectly clean pool, with no evidence of how or why. Our garbage isn’t near our pool, we are very tidy clean people & our pool yard is free of clutter or rubbish. Our pool shop guy had never heard of this before, has anyone else? We gave the pool shock treatment & removed all the maggots but we are in the dark as to where they came from. does anyone out there have any ideas or a similar story?


6 Responses to “Why Would I Have Maggots In My Beautiful Clean Pool? How Did They Get There? Its Never Happened Before.?”
  1. Tigger says:

    It doesn’t make any sense to me either. Do you have mosquitoes in your area? That’s all I can think of- though even they prefer dark dirty water that the newly-hatched mosquitoes can hide in.

  2. Carol Verna says:

    We have them too! But I’m thinking from an overhead tree…dropping these horrors in the pool; they sink to the bottom…what a find with a net….not.!

    We have a salt water pool, in Southern California…I’m going to get to the bottom of this!

  3. Michelle says:

    I just discovered we have the same problem. The water is clean, the chlorine has been hig, and the cover had been off, yet to my disgust this evening we found piles of inch-long maggot looking larvae at the bottom of our pool. The more I research, the more common it sounds, but I still can’t seem to find a reason why this happens. They are definitely not mosquito larvae and we have no trees nearby. Any ideas?

  4. Dorothy Baran says:

    We just found them in our pool yesterday. Maybe the heat wave has something to do with it. We have no trees or grass around and our pool is crystal clear…..If anyone has any answers please help!

  5. Airck says:

    We have the same promblem too I dont know how we have a pool guy and everything it just doesnt make sense

  6. linda says:

    i found magots in our pool also and were also tidy no one else around here has them ……..then i figued mine out it gets hot here then wendy and the leaves fall from the tress with little eggs from flies and they hatch on the leaf causing tons of magots in my pool have to take out leaves all the time its horrible …………..i just done it again today and its hot and wendy………

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