Why use a Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner?

When planning a private or public pool, the question of pool maintenance is paramount. Jumping into a dirty pool is not only an unpleasant experience, it might also be a considerable health risk. Cleaning of the swimming pool used to be a time consuming, expensive and not very effective manual way to have a clean pool. Often the pool is not clean at all – it just looks that way. If the cleaning is done too quickly, the dirty is raised into the water and will sink back later.Dolphin Pool Cleaner - leaf in pool

Other solutions are Suction Cleaning and Pressure Cleaning. One of the problems with the suction cleaner or pressure cleaner method is that the pool sides are not cleaned and the coverage of the cleaning is random and does not scrub and brush.

The Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner has many advantages over the above mentioned methods. The Dolphin Pool Cleaner vacuums, scrubs, brushes, sweeps, circulates water and chemicals. It contains a filter, which saves the main pool filter. The Dolphin Pool Cleaner climbs the wall of the pool and offers a unique coverage of cleaning. The cleaner has a short cycle time and is very easy to install.

Cleaning even the most challenging shapes and sizes are no problem to the Dolphin Pool Cleaner. Of course the filter in the cleaner needs cleaning, but this is a very easy task to do. Should you prefer, the Dolphin Dynamic and other models comes with a remote control, which enables you to manually guide the Dolphin into and out of tight spots and to tailor your own cleaning program for unique pools.


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  1. Maddie M says:

    My sister has a Dolphin pool cleaner — and loves it!

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