Why Is My Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner Floating On The Top Of The Water?

I changed the wheels/belts just a two days ago. When I put it in the water to test it out, everything worked fine (including the back end staying on the ground and turning around/climbing walls properly~ as these were issues before as well) but when I came out to check it the morning after, it was floating on top of the water with the tail spraying water straight up in the air! I’ve already changed the reverse valve and hoses too.
I’ve checked all of the troubleshooting manuals, searched for related topics and have just about driven myself insane trying to find the correct answer to this problem. Everything the troubleshooting manuals tell you to do… I’ve done, and then some. Could it be a problem with the main filtration system that is causing this? Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. booradle says:

    When you reassembled it, did you remamber to install the loose Base Weight (P/N 9-100-3005 / #25 on the parts diagram) BEHIND the discharge pipe and in front of the Feed Pipe/Timer Blank (P/N #33)?
    Also the float (#34) may need to be adjusted, and check it for leaks. It can be “screwed” in and out along the shaft on the Feed Pipe.

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