What Size Of Pool Pump Do I Need?

I have a 13000 gallon pool with 2 inch pvc. I run the pool for 8 hours a day. This normally would be easy but I have a 7 panel solar heating system. With this installed I am not getting enough suction in my skimmer to run my automatic pool cleaner. I thought more horse power but after reading that may not be the answer.


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  1. grumpy old pool guy says:

    many solar panel lines have insufficient pipe size to carry all the return water coming from the filter.Install a bypass valve so that only some of the return water goes thru thepanels.Like a tee with one or two valves to throttlehow much water goes through the panels at any given time.a little known fact is that too high of aspeed thru the panels actually decreases how much heat you pick up.this is why a thermostat is needed ina car cooling system,in order to regulate water speed,preventing overheating.Water moving too fast cant pick up the heat thru convection.there is a thermostat available for solar panels but it isnt cheap(i think!).

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