What Is The Difference Between In Ground And Above Ground Cleaner?

I am looking for an automatic pool cleaner, but i found out that there are two type. one is in ground and one is abover ground. I don’t know what’s the different between the two.

It’s referring to the type of pool you have. Above-ground cleaners mainly cover the bottom of the pool. Since the sides in most inground pools have either curves or slopes between the floor and the walls, (above-ground pools usually have right angles) the cleaners are generally able to climb the walls and clean them as well. (And, generally there will be a big price difference between the two types; in-ground cleaners generally cost a lot more.


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  1. OrakTheB says:

    They are referring to the pool. Is the pool in the ground, or is it above the ground? Do you walk into the pool from ground level, or do you have to climb a ladder to enter the pool?

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