How Do I Clean My Cartridge Filter For My Swimming Pool Without Buying Cartridge Filter Cleaner?

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in other words, is there anything around the house that i can use to clean my filter? i have heard that Dawn dish soap works but i dont know for sure. i need a response from someone who KNOWS for sure.

From Hot Tub:

NO SOAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If your not going to buy the filter cleaners which are a mild acid then you might as well use Muriatic acid which most services have always used. Do a 1 to 10 ratio with water. It’s much cheaper but can destroy your filters over time. Do not also use a high powered hose system either since it will ruin the polyester fibers.

If you do not want to use the filter cleaning products designed for the cartridges, either just use a garden hose with a nozzle, or a 1 to 10 ratio of Muriatic acid.
Obviously the Filter cleaner works BEST, but muriatic Acid is a 2nd best option.
Never EVER EVER EVER use anything that is NOT MEANT for a Pool or a spa that contains soap.

There are some products that are cleaning products, that are designed specifically for the swimming pool, and these are OK for your water, but would you want to swim in water that has been filtered with a cartridge that has been cleaned with dishsoap. Think of it as a sponge. Once that sponge gets saturated with soap, you can almost always get soap bubbled out of it when you get it wet. Well you are in essence doing the same thing to that filter if you use dish soap. That will eventually transfer into your water, and now you will be forced to correct this with other chemicals or means later on.
IF you do not feel comfortable with handling muriatic Acid, just hose it off. thats the best thing you can do for it.

Dr. Hot Tub is right, DO NOT use soap. Muriatic Acid is available to your local pool supply store or hardware store most of the time (Lowes and Home Depot). You may have trouble finding it at a smaller hardware store (call ahead of time).
You should really be asking yourself one question though. Would you rather pull apart your filter often and clean the filters without a good cleaning solution, or save yourself time and do it correctly?
I have a feeling that you’ll have a hard time finding Muriatic Acid for much cheaper than cartridge cleaner. Besides, you’ll have to invest the time looking for you. You probably already know where your local pool supply store is.
Just my $.02…
Cheers Dr. Hot Tub! Get my message? Call me when you’re free.

How Do I Get My Pool Clean Again?

Well, our swimming pool keeps going green even when we clean it, we just switched from clorene to a salt-water purifyer system. can any 1 tell me how toget it clean fast and the best way to keep it that way…Thank you very much

Maintaining Your Pool Using A Automatic Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaner robotAs a pool owner – or spa pool owner it is important to keep the water clean and healthy and in the right balance.

Swimming water is always infected with a variety of bacteria and most of these bacteria are introduced by bathing humans (and animals) and the debris from particular trees and other plants in the garden.

In addition, pool water gets in contact with thousands of insects, but with the proper water hygiene, this is not a problem.

Did you know the way that:

  • Active swimming and play can add up to 1 liter of sweat per hour adult person to the water.
  • That 1 ml. saliva can add millions of microorganisms to the water.
  • The water in the pool or spa is added thousands of micro-organisms from mucus in the nose.
  • Surface wounds and infections can infect the water.
  • A dog can add bacteria to the water equivalent to 30 humans.

That is why it is so important that the water in your pool or spa pool is continuously monitored and preferable once a day in periods when the use is very frequent and the water temperature is high. However, this is very simple and you can take advantage of the different kits available in the market. Using a automatic pool cleaner robot, like the Dolphin pool cleaner or similar brands, will greatly improve the water quality. See dealers in “water management” in the Shopping Guide.

Pool Algae Removal

Algae likes the wet environment and with the conditions present in pool water, they can multiply very quickly. For example, heavy rain and many bathers people causes algae to multiply dramatically. However, a properly maintained swimming pool or spa pool, will never seen this. Some algal types cannot be removed by the pool filter and it therefore requires the addition of chemicals (e.g. chlorine) and the right pH balance, to get to grips with these algae. A swimming pool that looks like this is not preferable! Using a automatic pool cleaner robot, like the Dolphin pool cleaner which cleans the pool continuously can greatly reduce the buildup of algae.

How do I get and maintain a good water hygiene?

Chlorine is the most important and active chemical agent used to remove algae and bacteria from your water. It is available mostly as granular, liquid and tablets, in many different variations. The use of chlorine in bath water to disinfect the algae and bacteria from sweat, insects, etc. you can achieve hygienic and inviting pool water. However, when algae attacks are very dramatic, especially from black water algae, as set in the pool bottom and sides, it may be necessary to combine manual pool cleaning with a hard bristled brush to remove algae. Please make sure that any lining should not be damaged from the use of the hard brush. Again an automatic pool cleaner robot, like the Dolphin pool cleaner will be of great help and save you from a lot of work. In the most difficult areas there may be discoloration of the pool sides / lines. Remember that the draining of water from the swimming pool and spa pool must be in drains and not in the garden due to environmental reasons.

But before that chlorine is added, it is essential to check and adjust the waters pH value. The pH scale is from 0 (acid) to 14 (Base) and where 7 is neutral. An optimal pH of pool water is a level of 7.2 to 7.5. PH kits can quickly check the water pH and these kits are available in many variants. If pool water is out of pH balance, it can cause irritation of the eyes and skin, and it also eliminates the effects of chlorine in pool water. Chlorine addition is ineffective if the pH balance is not okay. Moreover, a too high or low pH means that the life of the pump, lines and other pool facilities are shortened significantly due to larger corrosion. It is therefore important to regulate water pH before the addition of chlorine. There are many possibilities to regulate the pH of the water and it depends on which way the pH must be regulated.

NB: Please note that adding chemicals to pool water, including chlorine, may only be done observing the safety instructions in the product manuals. These concerns include that must be respected many (min. 6) hour intervals between addition of ph products and chlorine products to avoid harmful chlorine vapors. See distributors of products to regulate water balance in Chemistry SHOPPING GUIDE.

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Pros and cons on an Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

raining-in-the-poolOwning a swimming pool can be truly satisfying and provide hours of relaxation and enjoyment. However a pool can also be a very challenging and time-consuming for the pool owner, if there are problems with the pool. Picture yourself coming tired home from a hard day work, looking forward to a nice refreshing dip in the pool only to find it a uninviting swamp with green, murky water making it impossible to see the bottom on the pool.

It is in a situation like that you wish you had bought a Dolphin Pool Cleaner, an automatic robotic pool cleaner that takes care of the hard and tedious work of keeping you pool clean. The Dolphin Pool Cleaner even climb the pool walls and the stairs too. Many of the Dolphin Pool Cleaners come with a remote control, so you can manually remove the worst dirt before letting the robot do its job.

Swimming pool maintenance is done much more easy and less expensive when you are doing it right and on a regular basis. This is where the automatic pool cleaner really shows its worth. Just slide the cleaner into the water in the morning when you leave for work, and the pool cleaner will go through its cycle and make the water cleaner as ever.
The Dolphin will quickly “learn” some basic facts about your swimming pool (.e., its size and shape, its shallow and deep parts, and the water quality) through its on-board sensors and artificial intelligence software.
Some Dolphin owners report the pool cleaner does not work well in too warm water and others complain that it either will not climb the walls at all or simply climbs out of the water.

Some also states that the automatic pool cleaner cleans the deep end nicely, but tends to avoid the shallow end. These are all issues that should be takenup with the supplier, since this is probably due to a defect pool cleaner. Some complain that the Dolphin Pool Cleaner is very hard to lift out of the pool, but when doing so you have to make sure that you rest the cleaner on the pool side, letting the water run out of the cleaner.

If you are the owner of a automatic pool cleaner, please share your experiences with us.

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