Some Sound Advice on Patio Furniture

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Using any type of wood patio furniture in an uncovered area is just a bad idea. Wood is wood after all, so over time it will begin to show the effects of being exposed to the environment. The best choice for an uncovered area therefor would be some type of metal or plastic patio furniture.

One good idea if you are determined to buy any type of wood patio furniture, is to also buy some patio furniture covers and use them. This particularly holds true if you are planning on buying unpainted natural wood patio furniture.

The best way to fix any chips that may happen in painted patio furniture is to to simply touch them up. Simply head down to your local automotive store and select the color that best matches from their display case of automotive touch up paint bottles.

If you have any young children in your home then any type of tables that have a glass top are a really bad idea. Sure they look great but kids just love to climb on them, which can lead to a disaster. You best bet is to use a synthetic clear table top that doesn’t run the risk of shattering.

If you are going to use an umbrella as part of your outdoor furniture ensemble then make sure that you buy one that is easily retracted. This is because when the wind kicks up you won’t be left having to retrieve your umbrella from your pool or the neighbors yard.

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Some Sound Thoughts on Inground Pool Automatic Cleaners

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If you have chosen an inground pool over an above ground pool then you have taken on added responsibility in the pools upkeep. Its just a fact that the plastic sides of an above ground pool don’t require the same level of maintenance that the cement sides of an inground pool do.

This means that when it is time to go out looking for an inground pool automatic pool cleaner you are going to have more to consider then the owner of an above ground pool. This means that you can pretty much forget about one of those cheapo, low functioning suction side pool cleaners that you may have already seen advertised.

Of course, if you also are a cheapo you can bring one home if you like. However; you will also have to bring home some hand scrubbing supplies as well because you are going to be needing them. This is because neglecting the cement sides of your pool can and will lead to long term problems.

Before making the decision between a mechanical inground pool automatic cleaner and and one of the water powered models that run off of the pool pump you may want to go find a pool and spend an hour or so with a long handled scrub brush cleaning the sides. If you don’t mind doing it then you may be able to do without a mechanical pool cleaner.

Hey its good exercise! However; if you are like many people who loath the task then think long and hard about spending the money for a nice mechanical inground pool automatic cleaner with rotating scrub brushes. It is important to bear in  mind that they now come in a wide price range. If you don’t need all of the convenience features, you can find a nice one with a good warranty for around $500-$600.

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Some Factoids Regarding the Most Recent Technological Advancements in Automatic Pool Cleaners

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It was only a few decades ago that automatic pool cleaners made their market debut and the early models that were first used now pale in comparison to the technological marvels that are currently available to todays pool owner. It seems that no matter how advanced automatic pool cleaners become, there is some developmental research engineer that is willing and able take them a technological step further. So, where will it all end? Is the next step an automatic pool cleaner that will actually crawl out of your pool house on its own accord and use artificial intelligence to maintain your pool an a regular basis without you even having to touch it once?

Artificial Intelligence

While this may seem futuristic and far fetched, the truth of the matter, is that the latest robotic pool cleaners offered by manufacturers such as Dolphin are actually quite close to that level of technology already. Artificial intelligence? Integrated decision making software? Its already done and is now available in robotic pool cleaners currently on the market.

Faster – Bettter – More Functions

Pool cleaners such as the Dolphin Diagnostic 2019 actually have the ability to plot the most expedient course around your pool on their own and will signal you when their debris bag is full or clogged. Obstacles such as stairs or island are no problem either and are easily negotiated.

Far More User Friendly

When the latest technologicly advanced robotic pool cleaner finally “beeps” you to let you know its job is done, simply summon it by remote control and it will promptly crawl back to its cart, so you can put it away until the next time it is called on to perform. Also, features such as super user friendly snap open and snap shut battery and filter bag attachments make them a breeze to operate and maintain.

Something for Everyone

At the same time however, there are more low tech options in pool cleaners to choose from then ever before. This means that no matter if you are looking for the absolute epitome of technology and performance in a pool cleaner or a simple hard working basic unit for less than $100 there is one out there for you.

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