I Have A Hayward Pool Cleaner And All Of A Sudden It Has Stopped Moving And Cleaning The Pool? Solutions???

September 26, 2009 by  
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The pressure seems to be great coming out of the vacuum. I just do not understand what can be done to get this thing going again. Any thoughts to fix this would be great…

You may have a Navigator with the 4 feet and wings, people call them R2D2’s. While the pump is running carefully put your index finger, the long one, in the hole on the bottom of the cleaner try to feel the water wheel paddles moving, if not then try to move the wheel with your finger.

If it starts moving then all is well. Sometimes grit or glass gets inside and stops them from moving. Rodents work well too. Turn it over holding under water to see if you see a tail!
If the wheel is clear, check your filter it likely needs cleaning since these cleaners are suction side and affected by dirty filters.

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