What Size Of Pool Pump Do I Need?

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I have a 13000 gallon pool with 2 inch pvc. I run the pool for 8 hours a day. This normally would be easy but I have a 7 panel solar heating system. With this installed I am not getting enough suction in my skimmer to run my automatic pool cleaner. I thought more horse power but after reading that may not be the answer.

My Pool Pump Has Lost It Pressure? The Dolphin Pool Cleaner?

I have an inground pool, with a spa and waterfall with operates with Jandy valves. The pressure of the return has significantly decreased, I can tell by the overflow from the spa to the pool isn’t as steady as it used to be. I have cleaned the skimmer baskets, and made sure openings there are open, valves are in correct position, the cartridge filters are clean (cleaned twice to verify and make sure seal is good even put some jelly on it), and the return is set to pool only (although 1 jet in spa is also activiated in the pool return), and the basket near the pump is also clean. I think the only change I have made recently is I switch from a Dolphin Robitic cleaner to a manual vacuum. The pull from the drains is quite strong, strong enough to get magnolia leaves through the tube, the water is not strong on the way back. The pressure guage on my filter only reads between 0-2 psi when set to pool return and 10 psi when set to spa return, and 0 on waterfall return. No waters leaks either.

Strange. Since you say the intake side is very strong, then the return has to match it. What it really sounds like is a leak or crack in the return line, but you would be losing a lot of water. If it were an air leak, you’d lose suction, not return. Same thing if filters were dirty or a valve stuck partially closed. So I guess what I’m saying here is that if your water level is steady, you’ll need to call a pool contractor in.

Sounds like a clog in the system.  I would disassemble and run some kind of snake through to clean the pipes.  If you have ever disassembled pipes that have been in use you know you will find a lot of garbage on the sides of the pipes.  Steel pipes can fill with rust.  Plastic and copper pipes can build up dirt and oils along the sides and in corners.  All this stuff is really nasty and can sometimes be cleaned with a round soft plastic brush at the end of a snake.

Providing your Guage is accurate (no debris where it screws in or just plane in-accurate) the most likely thing is your pump impeller has debris in it.  A wire coat hanger bent to fit into the pump basket area and into the inlet of the impeller can scape out any lodged debris.  Also, if you manual vacuum is on a hose that attaches to your skimmer, it will affect your flow.  It is like adding that much more plumbing to your suction line.  That, in turn, will reduce your operating pressure.  With out looking at it, these are all educated guesses.

Dolphin Pool Cleaner? Pool Pump?

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I live in Miami, FL. I just bought a house with a pool. The pool size is 40×20. The pool is in a very large yard surrounded by tall established trees. How long should I run the pump for? What is the best pool cleaner for my pool?


I’ve maintained pools like yours in the past for customers. Most of the times by the time I was hired they had completely let the pool go. Cleaning a pool that size can be a real chore given the depth that the deep end may have and the overall water volume.

No matter the size of the pool the good rule of thumb is to run the pool filter for about 8-10 hours a day. Based on what you may have for a filter and pump set up you want to run the pump long enough to turn over the entire volume of water in the pool at least once every day.

The GPM, or gallons per minute, should be printed on the filter or in the manual. Lets say for instance as a nice round number your filter system can do 100 gpm at it’s perfect working condition. So in an hour it can turn 6000 gallons.

Depending on the depth of your pool your approximately 30000 gallons and your filter when in actual use and depending on the other variables would probably at best have a gpm of 70 since lots of factors slowly bring down a filters gpm when they are in actual use. With a pool as large as yours you’ll probably factor out closer to the 10 hour a day mark.

As far as cleaners the best one would be a matter of opinion. I’ve used a lot of different robotic and other style of cleaners. I would recommended one of the robotic pool cleaners for a pool your size. They are a little expensive but worth the cost since they really do a lot of the everyday labor jobs in owning a pool for you. My favorite has been the Tiger shark by Aquavac. It is fast, powerful, durable, and easy to use and maintain. Especially where you have a lot of trees around you want to make sure you get those leaves out of the pool everyday to avoid water problems. Another highly recommendable automatic pool cleaner is the Dolphin Pool Cleaner – another excellent choice.

What Polaris Pool Cleaner Is Better The 360 Or 380? Is The Booster Pump Really Worth It?

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dolphin-pool-cleanerI am buying a pool and the companies that I am dealing with are pushing the 360 but I want to make sure that I am getting the right one.

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