Polaris Pool Cleaner-is Their A Way To Make It Move Faster? Mine Is Slow But I Have Good Water Pressure?

September 27, 2009 by  
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First of all check the finger screen in the wall fitting. It might be plugged up. Then see if the unit is climbing all the way up the walls. If so it is doing okay. Put a piece of black tape (or make a mark) on one of the drive wheels. Hold the unit under water and count the revolutions per minute. (You need the mark so you can see the wheel go round. Twenty eight to thirty two revolutions per minute is optimal. If it falls in that range the unit is functioning well. If too slow then have the head repaired. If it is an older unit the feed hose may be the trouble. Vinyl gets stiff in cold water. Softens up as the water warms but never gets as pliable as before it got cold. I’ve seen hoses so stiff they’d snap when bent! Replace the hose. Also, check the hose floats. They absorb water and become “sinkers”, thereby putting more drag on the head unit. The head has to pull the hose. An old stiff hose with heavy floats takes away a lot of efficiency. Finally, remember that it is a pool cleaner– NOT a speedboat. It will not clean as efficiently if it goes too fast.

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