Solar Pool Heaters – Get to Know the Facts

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If you have never paid to heat a pool with a conventional gas or electric pool heater than you may be shocked at how high the bills for this can run. They can easily run up to several hundred dollars a month, which is why so many people are now looking into solar powered pool heaters.

The first fact that you will be interested in knowing about solar pool heaters is that they are more expensive up front then a conventional gas or electric pool heater. In fact, some gas and electric pool heaters are now quite cheap.

Even a cheapo rinky-dink solar pool heater that you patch together yourself is going to cost you a fair chunk of change. This is because they requires so much space and piping to actually funtion properly. Remember that if you are going to go through the trouble and expence you want it to make a difference.

Instaling a small solar powered pool heater system is just a waste of time and money. Simply put, on even the warmest day you just won’t notice any effect. What this means is that you are going to need a good chunk of space to set up an adequate functioning solar pool heater.

The best place to install one is on the roof of a building. It is up and out of the way and will get maximum sun exposure. Also, the best person to do it is a professional who knows just how to install solar pool heaters on roofs.

Trying to do it yourself is more than likely going to result in you being left with a roof that is in bad need of repair and a system that will probably give you nothing but trouble. Fortunately there are now complete, factory manufactured solar pool heater systems now on the market that will deliver maximum effect with minimum problems.

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The Dolphin Pool Cleaner – Know the Facts

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Of course, part of the planning process of your pool is deciding on which make and model of pool cleaner you are going to use. The main factors you will consider, is the size of your pool, the type and how much dirt and debris you are going to be dealing with.

Some of the questions you should be asking yourself is whether or not you will be using a pool cover and how much foliage from your landscaping will be shedding off into your pool. Of course, how much use it will be getting is another deciding factor.

As it stands right now, Dolphin is the leading name in pool cleaners. They aren’t the least expensive but they are the most durable and come equipped with the best warranties in the industry. This is something that you will definitely want to consider, because a swimming pool is a long term proposition.

Because swimming pools come in a wide variety of types and sizes with innumerable cleaning requirements, Dolphin offers an equally wide choice in  pool cleaner models. They also come in several price ranges, so there is a Dolphin pool cleaner to fit any budget.

If you have decided that your pool will be needing the maximum amount of cleaning to remain crystal clear, you may want to opt for the Dolphin DX 5B battery powered cordless pool cleaner. At $3000 this is truly a state of the art piece of machinery and a true workhorse that you can count on for years to come.

Then for someone that has a smaller pool with minimum cleaning requirements there is the Dolphin DX 3. Don’t kid yourself, this too is a workhorse but it just isn’t as convenience feature laden as other models of Dolphin pool Cleaner. With a price tag of $600, this machine is highly affordable and is just as durably built and guaranteed as all other models of Dolphin pool cleaner.

Written by Jolie Kreppenstein. Now you can learn all you wanted about Dolphin pool cleaner as well as Dolphin automatic pool cleaner

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Does Anyone Know How To Better Clean A Pool?

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I have a pool that we let friends of our borrow and I ended up getting it back this past weekend. Well I don’t know if they ever cleaned it, but before I set it up in my yard, I cleaned it the best I could and now there are the tiniest little dirt specs all over in it. I’ve tried shocking it, using a net and even a pool vacuum, but the specks are way too small. Even the filter isn’t picking them up. Help please!

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