How to Make Your Inground Swimming Pool Purchase a Success!

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How to Buy a Pool the Right Way, From the Right Company, at the Right Price, written by the owner of one of the successful pool companines in the Us, Marcus Sheridan, is a definitive guide for anyone considering the purchase of an inground swimming pool.
How to Make Your Inground Swimming Pool Purchase a Success!

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Commercial Inground Pool Automatic Cleaners

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So what is it that differentiates a commercial pool from a pool that is in a private home? In fact, there are several things beyond size and all of them have an effect on the type of automatic pool cleaner that is needed. For instance, speed would be one factor that may come in to the equation, because down time for cleaning may interfere with a commercial operation.

Obstacles such as islands and other decorative features that are commonly found in commercial pools can also be a factor that you may have to deal with. Simplicity in operation, so employees can easily use it is yet another factor that a commercial operator might want to consider when selecting a commercial inground pool automatic cleaner.

Without exception when you are talking about commercial inground pool automatic cleaners, you are definitely talking about mechanical pool cleaners. This is because it is just economically infeasible to pay someone to manually scrub the sides of a commercial inground pool with a scrub brush on the end of a pole.

The good news is that as mechanical pool cleaners in general have incorporated new features, the over all price on them has come down. Also, they have at the same time become far more reliable and all the top makers such as Dolphin by Maytronics Corp have great warranties that cover their mechanical pool cleaners.

One of the most recent developments to come to commercial inground pool automatic pool cleaners is artificial intelligence. With artificial intelligence the unit is able to effectively make its own snap navigational decisions and maneuver around pool obstacles during the cleaning process. Todays commercial inground pool automatic cleaners are also capable of responding to remote commands when it is time to retrieve the machine.

Written by Joshua Wedelet. Now you can learn all you wanted about Commercial inground ground pool automatic cleaners as well as Inground ground pool automatic cleaners

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Some Sound Thoughts on Inground Pool Automatic Cleaners

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If you have chosen an inground pool over an above ground pool then you have taken on added responsibility in the pools upkeep. Its just a fact that the plastic sides of an above ground pool don’t require the same level of maintenance that the cement sides of an inground pool do.

This means that when it is time to go out looking for an inground pool automatic pool cleaner you are going to have more to consider then the owner of an above ground pool. This means that you can pretty much forget about one of those cheapo, low functioning suction side pool cleaners that you may have already seen advertised.

Of course, if you also are a cheapo you can bring one home if you like. However; you will also have to bring home some hand scrubbing supplies as well because you are going to be needing them. This is because neglecting the cement sides of your pool can and will lead to long term problems.

Before making the decision between a mechanical inground pool automatic cleaner and and one of the water powered models that run off of the pool pump you may want to go find a pool and spend an hour or so with a long handled scrub brush cleaning the sides. If you don’t mind doing it then you may be able to do without a mechanical pool cleaner.

Hey its good exercise! However; if you are like many people who loath the task then think long and hard about spending the money for a nice mechanical inground pool automatic cleaner with rotating scrub brushes. It is important to bear in  mind that they now come in a wide price range. If you don’t need all of the convenience features, you can find a nice one with a good warranty for around $500-$600.

Written by Jolie Kreppenstein. Now you can learn all you wanted about Inground ground pool automatic cleaners as well as Commercial inground ground pool automatic cleaners

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Is Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner The Best?

polaris_fifthYou didn’t mention your budget. A Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner is by al means great, byt ff you’re looking to spend 300 dollars or under, then from a service guy’s point of view on effectiveness, cost, ease of repair, least things that go wrong with them, it’s a Kreepy Krauly, hands down.

Sure Baracudda markets itself as having no moving parts, but the one part that does all the action also wears out on a yearly basis. If you ask me, it’s also a moving part, so their literature is pretty misleading.
If you’re budget allows spending over a grand, then the Polaris vac sweep 360 or 380 is most certainly the way to go. The only issue here is if your pool currently has a plumbing line going to the pool it can use. Without one, you’ll have to go the over deck route, which then is a hose to trip over, lying on the deck. That’s the only drawback.

These two cleaners are totally different in their collection and operation. The Kreepy uses suction side plumbing (debris to the pump basket and filter), the Polaris uses pressure side, with it’s own booster pump and it’s collection is a bag attached to the Polaris head. So check out these befor settling on a Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner.

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