Is Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner The Best?

polaris_fifthYou didn’t mention your budget. A Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner is by al means great, byt ff you’re looking to spend 300 dollars or under, then from a service guy’s point of view on effectiveness, cost, ease of repair, least things that go wrong with them, it’s a Kreepy Krauly, hands down.

Sure Baracudda markets itself as having no moving parts, but the one part that does all the action also wears out on a yearly basis. If you ask me, it’s also a moving part, so their literature is pretty misleading.
If you’re budget allows spending over a grand, then the Polaris vac sweep 360 or 380 is most certainly the way to go. The only issue here is if your pool currently has a plumbing line going to the pool it can use. Without one, you’ll have to go the over deck route, which then is a hose to trip over, lying on the deck. That’s the only drawback.

These two cleaners are totally different in their collection and operation. The Kreepy uses suction side plumbing (debris to the pump basket and filter), the Polaris uses pressure side, with it’s own booster pump and it’s collection is a bag attached to the Polaris head. So check out these befor settling on a Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner.

Can Anyone Tell Me What The Best Automatic In-ground Pool Cleaner Is?

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Cleaner_PoolBlaster_1.othrI just got an in-ground pool and am looking to purchase an automatic pool cleaner. I haved checked out all the info I can, but can’t seem to come to a decision! I don’t want to spend $700-$1000 on a product only to find out it doesn’t work! I don’t mind spending the money if I know it’s going to be worth it!

Depends on the kind of dirt you need to pick up. Generally speaking, “suction side” cleaners that constantly vacuum your pool (hose goes into your skimmer) are best when you have mostly dust and dirt. They tend to have difficulty with larger debris like leaves and needles. If that is you main debris then I suggest a “pressure side” cleaner. Some of these have a booster pump, some don’t. But they all use a hose with water pressure to propel them. They have a debris bag that will collect the leaves very well, but dust and dirt may go through the bag.

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Which Robotic Pool Cleaner Is The Best, Aquabot, Dophin Or Hayward Or Somethiing Else?

smartpool-dolphin-scrubbing-brush-for-remote-models_0_0I have a 20X40 inground pool with a liner. Tired of having to vacuum all the time :-)

Pro Hayward – from ScubaBob:

The Hayward Navigator is a good one. They swallow just about anything in their way but they do have an issue regarding the mesh on the turbine intake on the back of the unit. You need to watch to see that it doesn’t get clogged with debris. That inlet provides one of the turbines water, that in turn powers the turning gears that stop the cleaner from getting hung up in a corner or against a wall. Easy to fix, but annoying if you get fine debris clogging it all the time.
The other good one, that’s virtually bomb proof but can be a picky eater ( hates twigs) is the Kreepy Krauly. They are so simple in design that there’s virtually nothing that can go wrong with them and they work pretty well.

From Stateof:

I’ve used the Dolphin Pool Cleaner and it works very well. Good for sand, and small stuff, not so much big leaves and what not, but thats what a skimmer net is for.

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Reviewing the Dolphin Pool Cleaner

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Cleaning the pool is for most pool owners the least fun part, but if you really want to enjoy your pool all through the season, there is no way around it. But instead of doing hours of hard work cleaning the pool or spending a fortune on a pool cleaning company, why not consider the automatic pool cleaner robot?

The Dolphin Pool Cleaner comes in many different varieties, each suited for different kids of pools. When choosing which pool cleaner suits your needs, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The size of the pool
  • The shape of the pool
  • The surface of the pool
  • The need for a specific cleaning cycle duration

One of the most popular model for private use is the Smartpool Dolphin 2020 Dynamic Pool Cleaner, which was the one I chose.

The Smartpool Dolphin 2020 Dynamic Pool Cleaner with Remote and Caddy In-Ground Pool Cleaner is designed for residential pools up to 20 x 40 feet. My pool is a little smaller than that, so the pool cleaner should have no problems solving the job.

The assembling did not take long and within 10 minutes it was ready to hit the water. The Dolphin Pool Cleaner really lived up to its reputation: It scrubs and vacuums the entire pool floor, wall, and waterlines. It also includes a joy stick that enables you to manually guide the Dolphin into and out of tight spots and to tailor your own cleaning program for unique pools.

The Smartpool Dolphin 2020 Dynamic Pool Cleaner with Remote and Caddy In-Ground Pool Cleaner is manufactured with 2 drive motors, each driving its own brush to facilitate tight turns.

The Dolphin Pool Cleaner is an outstanding robotic pool cleaner, which is very easy to set up and use. Just take it out of the box and it will be cleaning the pool within minutes! Cleaning of steps in the pool is the pool cleaners weakest point, but this will usually only takes a couple minutes to brush them down manually. Another weak spot is large or stiff leaves (for instance magnolia leaves) or large chucks of leaves. Some leaves are simple to large to go into the cleaner, and might clock up the cleaner. Large leaves should first be removed manually or raked up before cleaning the pool. Once the large leaves is out of the way, the cleaning robot picks up virtually everything else that’s visible to the naked eye, keeping the pool crystal clear.

All in all I can only recommend the Dolphin Pool Cleaner – in this case the Smartpool Dolphin 2020 Dynamic Pool Cleaner.

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