Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaners in Review

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Its simply amazing when you stop to think for a moment of the level of technology that is available today to bring into your home. It was only a few decades ago that the first automatic pool cleaners appeared on the market and although the they were a great help they were not anything near the “full feature robots” that are available for todays swimming pools.

Dolphin has been at the forefront of automatic pool cleaner technological development and the products that they have developed and now market are the very latest in pool cleaning technology.

Watching a top of the line Dolphin automatic pool cleaner such as their cordless Dynamic Pro X go about its business is truly amazing because not only does it clean the water of even the tiniest of dust particles but it scrubs the pools surfaces spotless as well.

Thats not all, because this mechanical wonder also contains artificial intelligence that allows it to make snap decisions when maneuvering around underwater pool obsticals such as bridges corners stairs and islands that are commonly found in todays pools.

When it is time to put this unit to bed for the night, simply use the wireless remote control to bring it to you when its work is done. It comes with a wide range of easy to use cleaning programs to accommodate a variety of cleaning options and its user friendly, so anyone can program it.

Still one more of the many convenient features that come with this Dolphin automatic pool cleaner is an easy to see automatic indicator that lets you know if the filter bag is clogged or filed to capacity. The Dynamic Pro X is just one of the many models of Dolphin automatic pool cleaners that are available and one thing that they all have in common is that they are solidly built to give years of reliable pool cleaning service.

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The Pro X Contains the Latest Technology in Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaners

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For years now Dolphin by Maytronics has been at the forefront of research and development in the automatic pool cleaner industry and the Pro X is a stellar example of just how far they have come. The latest innovation to come to Automatic pool cleaners is artificial intelligence and with it comes new dimensions is pool cleaning technology.

With newly integrated artificial intelligence this new Dolphin mechanical pool cleaner is actually capable of making its own navigational decisions as it goes about the business of cleaning your pool. Islands, stairs and any other navigational problem that the Pro X encounters in a pool are now a snap to deal with

Also this new state of the art Dolphin automatic pool cleaner will actually signal you to tell you if its vacuume bag is full or clogged. When it is finally done with its job it can be summoned automatically to where you are standing, so it can be retrieved an put back in its cart. All of this ads up to two things for todays pool owner and that is simplicity and efficiency all combined into one state of the art pool cleaning machine.

As Dolphin has managed to cram more innovations into their latest automated pool cleaning machines that have also simultaneously made them far more simple to operate and maintain. New super user friendly snaps and quick release mechanisms make things such as changing its vacuum mag and recharging its batteries a breeze.

So what do the research engineers and designers have in store for the future of automated pool cleaning at Dolphin? Who knows but one can only imagine how much advanced the pool cleaner of tomorrow will be. One now area where researchers are focusing is in the development of remarkable new batteries that will last much longer and a longer charge as well.

Written by Francesca Conquesa. Find the best information on Dolphin automatic pool cleaner as well as Above ground pool automatic cleaners

Written by Francesca Conquesa. Find the best information on Dolphin automatic pool cleaner as well as Above ground pool automatic cleaners

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My Opinions on the Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Deciding on which make and model of automatic pool cleaner to choose can be a somewhat daunting task. So many to choose from, in so many price ranges. Automatic pool cleaners now also come with so many features as well. Do you really need so many convenience features or are they all just a gimmick?

The Dolphin automatic pool cleaner by Maytronics Corp. is now universally recognized as the premier name in the industry. They come in three basic classes and those are wall climbing, basic and top class, so this may be of some assistance in making your final decision.

Of course, the basic class models of Dolphin automatic pool cleaners are just that. They will be their more affordable less feature laden, more affordable models and if your cleaning requirements are minimal, one from this class may suffice. The size and amount of use your pool will get is one way of determining your cleaning requirements.

Its not hard to figure out what makes up their wall climbing class. These are the models that contain mechanical features that allow them to climb and clean pool walls. For concrete built in pools this may be something that you may want to consider.

Dolphin automatic pool cleaner that fall into their category of top class are truly what you would call state of the art. These full featured automatic pool cleaners will carry in them all of the very latest high tech functions that are currently available in an automatic pool cleaner.

While Dolphin automatic pool cleaners are not recognized as the cheapest that are a available on the market, they are in fact the most durable and reliable. Also, they do come in a wide range of prices and all Dolphin automatic pool cleaners come with Dolphins ironclad warranty package.

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Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaners

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One of the big decisions that you are going to have to make with regards to properly equipping your pool is what size and what brand of pool cleaner to get to maintain the cleanliness of your backyard pool. Of all of the equipment and tools that you are going to buy for your pool none will be more important the pool cleaner, because the results of its work either done or not done correctly will be plainly visible every time someone gets ready to jump in.

If the pool cleaner that you select is undersized or poorly operating there will be no hiding the fact, because there will be dead bugs on the surface and a continual body of debris on the bottom of the pool every time you look at it. Dolphin automatic pool cleaners carry a long standing reputation for quality and reliability that is recognized around the globe and this is why people that absolutely must have a clean pool for their friends and family to enjoy unanimously choose Dolphin over any other name in the pool cleaner business.

The fact of the matter, is that your pool is going to last a very long time and trying to save a few dollars by choosing a cheap inferior brand of pool cleaner will inevitably cost you in long run. Pool cleaners are like vacuum cleaners that run full time, only instead of pumping air they pump water, so they do get a workout. By going with a higher quality and more durably built pool cleaner with a well established reputation that also carries with it a reliable warranty you will be assured that your pool will be pristine and crystal clean every time your guests your family or yourself jumps in.

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