Take a Look at Todays Amazing New Concepts in Above Ground Pool Liners

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It seems that ever since the beginning of time there were some ideas about pools that were simply carved in stone. For instance, above ground pools had a blue liner and even cement built in pools had plain white finishes. Now however, a new generation of pool designers have thrown away the rule book and given above ground swimming pools a complete make-over.

New Decorative Concepts in Above Ground Pool Liners

If you haven’t seen all the new choices in above ground pool liners that are now available then you will be shocked and amazed when you finally do. Not only are they thicker, more durable and longer lasting but the incredible design choices that are now available are simply astounding.

The Same Look and Feel of Ceramic Tile

For instance, there are numerous choices in all forms and arrangements of “classic tile” that are truly amazing to behold. Not only do the actual faux “ceramic” tiles look identical to real ceramic but even the grout lines look and “feel” true to form.

Raised Tiles and Recessed Grout Lines

They aren’t “flat” either. In fact, the tiles are raised and have actual thickness that can be seen and felt. Also, the grout lines are slightly recessed as well. The top edge of the liner tucks into a top rim that is specially designed for the new custom style pool liners, for a clean finished look and feel.

The Complete Finished Look

Also a total wrap around deck that “rides” over the top edge of the pool completely conceals the top edge, rim, as well as the sides of the pool. The end result is a total look that is absolutely amazing and completely realistic. After you have seen the incredible realism in the tile pool liners then go take a look at what they have done to recreate the look of natural stone in the faux “exposed aggregate” or “pebble” pool liners that will leave you shocked with amazement.

Written by Jolie Kreppenstein. Now you can learn all you wanted about Above ground pool liners as well as Inground pools

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Make the Right Choice in an Above Ground Pool Cleaner

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Decisions, decisions, decisions. It just seems that nothing is easy any more. All you want, is to have a nice above ground pool installed in your back yard, so you and your family can have some fun this summer and now you are left scratching your head deciding all that you need for it.

One great suggestion is to buy a complete above ground pool package that comes with everything but the water and be done with it. However; if you insist on picking and choosing your way through it all, there are a few bits information that can be of help.

As far as your above ground pool cleaner goes, “size matters”. This means that if you have a small above ground pool then you can probably get by with a small budget sized model. However; if you have a larger pool and plan on throwing your dogs in now and again, you might consider a larger vacuum style pool cleaner.

What you definitely won’t need for an above ground pool is an above ground pool cleaner that has brushes on it that scrub the sides of the pool. These are meant for concrete, built in pools and are substantially more expensive. The sides of an above ground pool are lined with plastic and don’t need to be scrubbed like concrete does.

You may want to consider getting a solar pool cover and in this way you can effectively keep debris out of your pool while at the same time making your pool a more comfortable pool to swim in. In the end though, the fact remains that you must have an automatic pool cleaner for your pool or it willl be constantly littered with debris.

Written by Gerald Johannesberg. Find the latest information on Dolphin pool cleaners

Written by Gerald Johannesberg. Find the latest information on a Dolphin pool cleaner

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    We have an aquabug. You just put it in and it goes by itself. Works pretty good.

    What Is The Difference Between In Ground And Above Ground Cleaner?

    I am looking for an automatic pool cleaner, but i found out that there are two type. one is in ground and one is abover ground. I don’t know what’s the different between the two.

    It’s referring to the type of pool you have. Above-ground cleaners mainly cover the bottom of the pool. Since the sides in most inground pools have either curves or slopes between the floor and the walls, (above-ground pools usually have right angles) the cleaners are generally able to climb the walls and clean them as well. (And, generally there will be a big price difference between the two types; in-ground cleaners generally cost a lot more.

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