Swimming Pool Cleaner Needed?

I,m in a bit of a dilema at the moment and need help fast!
My indoor heated swimming pool needs serviced sooner rather than later. You see my pool man has dropped me in it by being off work sick at the moment & will not return to work until mid-January. He usually comes in everyday including weekends to look after my pool.
I think the filters need replaced or something, but I don’t do menial tasks about my home and there is no other member of staff who can carry this task out adequately!
I really need this work carried out before new years eve as I’m having a party that night and the pool must be in use.
Is there anybody out there that can be of any assistance?


4 Responses to “Swimming Pool Cleaner Needed?”
  1. L says:

    maybe you should start to ‘do’ menial tasks!!

  2. j.pee69 says:

    How many £’ss you going to pay??? Plus parts!!

  3. mr.bigz says:

    have you considered looking in yellow pages,,,

  4. im an er says:

    fill with water 1st

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