Pros and cons on an Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

raining-in-the-poolOwning a swimming pool can be truly satisfying and provide hours of relaxation and enjoyment. However a pool can also be a very challenging and time-consuming for the pool owner, if there are problems with the pool. Picture yourself coming tired home from a hard day work, looking forward to a nice refreshing dip in the pool only to find it a uninviting swamp with green, murky water making it impossible to see the bottom on the pool.

It is in a situation like that you wish you had bought a Dolphin Pool Cleaner, an automatic robotic pool cleaner that takes care of the hard and tedious work of keeping you pool clean. The Dolphin Pool Cleaner even climb the pool walls and the stairs too. Many of the Dolphin Pool Cleaners come with a remote control, so you can manually remove the worst dirt before letting the robot do its job.

Swimming pool maintenance is done much more easy and less expensive when you are doing it right and on a regular basis. This is where the automatic pool cleaner really shows its worth. Just slide the cleaner into the water in the morning when you leave for work, and the pool cleaner will go through its cycle and make the water cleaner as ever.
The Dolphin will quickly “learn” some basic facts about your swimming pool (.e., its size and shape, its shallow and deep parts, and the water quality) through its on-board sensors and artificial intelligence software.
Some Dolphin owners report the pool cleaner does not work well in too warm water and others complain that it either will not climb the walls at all or simply climbs out of the water.

Some also states that the automatic pool cleaner cleans the deep end nicely, but tends to avoid the shallow end. These are all issues that should be takenup with the supplier, since this is probably due to a defect pool cleaner. Some complain that the Dolphin Pool Cleaner is very hard to lift out of the pool, but when doing so you have to make sure that you rest the cleaner on the pool side, letting the water run out of the cleaner.

If you are the owner of a automatic pool cleaner, please share your experiences with us.

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5 Responses to “Pros and cons on an Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner”
  1. Dan Zack says:

    I have owned 2 Dolphin pool cleaners and not one lasted 3 seasons and to repair the motor and change the tracks cost is about $650.00 It is almost cheaper to hire a pool service.

  2. Michael Hodovanic says:

    Stay AWAY from Dolphin. Had a Dolphin Diagnostic for three years and it died. Repair cost $842.00 (ridiculous)! Customer service no help at all-what a big joke. I will try an Aquabot or Blue Diamond with a 4 year warranty since these things never seem to last that long anyway.

  3. Bob says:

    Had a Dolphin pool cleaner. Now need to make a decision about a new unit. Unit lasted 6 years. Twice we had to have the unit repaired because it woulds not start. Both times work done free. Third time repair bill was $640. Would not pay.

    Struggling to choose a new unit. I read that Dolphin cleans pool well WHEN WORKING. Mine cleaned the deepend and sides really well. But it rarely got to the shallow end of the Grecian shaped pool without me holding the cord and dragging it to the shallow end.

    I am considering buying a remote for an extra $150 – $250, depending upon brand I choose.

    1. If you have an opinion about whether the remotes ACTUALLY WORK, please let me know. I’d hate to waste the money on the remote.

    2. What do you find about brands. I only want to spend between $800 and $1000, so I am not willing to spend the money on the top of the line Aquabots for $1400+.

    Thanks for your ideas.

  4. Bernie says:

    I just bought a Dolphin Supreme M4 and within days had to take it back to the dealer for primarily two reasons: The unit has a 2.5 hr. cycle, but would stop running after about 15 minutes. Obviously, it is worthless if it won’t run. Second, the unit goes to the deep end and stays there. It’s not capable of climbing the slope from the deep to the shallow water.
    While my unit is in the shop, they gave me a loaner, Aquabot T2. It runs continuously, but will not clean a vertical wall. It falls on it’s back like a turtle and is incapable of up-righting itself. It also has trouble climbing the slope from the deep water to the shallow.
    I have a rectangular 20 X 40 ft. pool with vertical walls and 45 degree slope from shallow to deep end.
    I judge both of these units as unacceptable for my type of pool.

  5. Gil says:

    I am watching my Dolphin Cammander as I type this. I bought it ten days ago. It does not clean the pool in 3 hours. It stays in the deep end and goes to the shallow end maybe 2 times during the 3 hour cycle, and by that I mean it goes to the shallow end,turns around and goes right back to the deep end. What a joke. This thing has no “sensor” in it. I really think robotic pool cleaners are a waste of money and time at best and a big old rip off at worst.

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