Pool Cleaner Help?

I’ve tried everything to get the cloudiness out of my pool water. I’ve bought several Clarifier’s, Shock Treatments, Algae Cleaners etc. Please someone help me what else can I use that will work?

Dolphin pool cleaner

The problem could be with your filter. See if it is clogged up or anything. You can also use a Filter Aid, that will help the filter pick up more things. As a last resort, you could use a floculant, which will grab small particles that the filter can’t get and drag them to the bottom of the pool which you can easily vaccum. And remember to keep using a weekly shock.

If the pump and filter are in proper working order, then I would investigate the chemistry. There are several things to look for when contending with a green, or cloudy pool. First is water temperature, the sun’s UV’s and warmer water temperature eat up chlorine faster than cool, dark conditions. So you want to make sure you have an adequate amount of stablizer (conditioner) in the pool. It helps the chlorine to last longer. You also want to pay attention to the total dissolved solids (TDS), and the calcium hardness. If those are high, the chlorine wont last very long either. In Arizona, where I live, the water from the tap, already has a high amount of that. If those levels are high, consider replacing the water in the pool.


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  1. Uncle Johnny says:

    No need to guess – go to http://appliancequickfix.com/…….
    they have a great page on pool water.

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