Is There Organic Cleaner That Works Like Chlorine For A Pool?

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pool-girlI’m looking for something for a pool. I tried to Google it and Yahoo it and it brings up cleaner to kill organic things. It doesn’t work right. Thanks for your time and I hope you can help. Chlorine is horrible for your body and eyes so there has to be something from the Earth that works better.

Unfortunately elizabeth, the salt generator is a chlorine generator. It works by breaking the molecular bond of salt (sodium chloride) and changing the chlorine ion into an active form of chlorine for your water. I’m surprised no one told you this.
As for chemicals for your pool, there are really no alternatives that you can use short of a chlorine generator. Bromine is actually worse for your body than chlorine is, and with proper maintenance and care the chlorine pool is absolutely not harmful to your body at all.

Free chlorine levels of 3ppm are fine for the human body, in fact they are approximately what you can find in chlorinated water. This level will not decolorize your hair, clothing, etc. You can not taste nor smell this amount of chlorine in the water and it will not irritate your eyes, nose, throat, or ears.

The irritants come from combined chlorine. Levels of just .5ppm will cause irritation to mucus membranes of the body and will give off the typical chlorine stink one associates with a pool.
As little as 1/2 gallon of household bleach in 10,000 gallons of pool water is needed to maintain a 5ppm level in the water. This is equivalent to a circular pool 25 feet across and 4 feet deep.

There are other chemicals you can use in your pool that will make you feel better about what you are putting into your swimming water. Arm & Hammer baking soda, 20 Mule Team borax, and liquid household bleach are all you need to use to maintain a vinyl lined pool.


3 Responses to “Is There Organic Cleaner That Works Like Chlorine For A Pool?”
  1. mi_lil_s says:

    Try E-Z Pool…. Made by API Technologies

  2. Rob_n_Li says:

    I don’t think so. I have a pool and we got a salt water generator instead of a chlorine generator. It is a lot better for your skin and then all the chemicals aren’t soaking into the body.

  3. elizabet says:

    Whew! Rob is a book of info!
    A salt generator will allow you to maintain your chlorine levels lower and if it is in use with a Mineral System, it can be maintained even lower. A Mineral System uses minerals to kill bacteria also.
    Get a test kit and balance your water each week – such as pH and total alkalinity. You will use more chlorine if your chemicals are out of balance.
    The link below is a water care guide. Brush up on the terminology so you will know what you need and don’t need in the future.

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