Is There Any “at Home” Cleaner/chemical I Can Put In My Kiddy Pool To Keep It Clean?

The pool I have is not the plastic tiny ones, its a vinyl type pool. About 6ft long…so its not too big or too small. Just wondering If i can bypass all the pool treatments you can buy with something from home?

I’ve found that adding liquid bleach does help some but after about 3 or 4 days, the pool water develops a slimey feel to it and it needs to be emptied out anyways. This doesn’t buy you much time between refilling.. I’m not 100% sure on this, but I would also assume that over time, the harshness of bleach could be damaging to the vinyl.

Here is my solution..

I picked up a 2.5 ounce bottle of Aqua Chem pool sanitizing crystals made especially for kiddie and wading pools. It’s made up of the same ingrediants that regualr pool chlorine is but in a much smaller dose. (I got mine at Meijers but if you don’t have these in your area, any large department store or pool specialty shop should carry it.) It costs no more than 5 bucks and it’s lasted me though two summers. (it requires that you add one level teaspoon of crystals to every 200 gallons of water.)
I don’t see a manufactures address, phone number or website on the bottle to pass along ~ Sorry about that.. But the name brand of it is Aqua Chem and it comes in a white bottle with blue writing on the lable and it has a yellow child proof lid.. It looks simillar to that of a medium sized bottle of tylenol.


2 Responses to “Is There Any “at Home” Cleaner/chemical I Can Put In My Kiddy Pool To Keep It Clean?”
  1. chelseas says:

    No there is nothing to my knowledge. A regular pool will mostly stay pretty clean without chemicals due to a water pump keeping the water moving. With a kiddie pool, there is no pump and I would not put chemicals in with my kids. I would just not be lazy and empty out the pool after each use and rinse out with water hose and then turn over.

  2. JAYNE C says:

    you can put a small amount of bleach in it. it does the same thing a chorline. Don’t put two much in since you only have a small kiddie pool. It will make you pool stay cleaner longer.

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