Is Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner The Best?

polaris_fifthYou didn’t mention your budget. A Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner is by al means great, byt ff you’re looking to spend 300 dollars or under, then from a service guy’s point of view on effectiveness, cost, ease of repair, least things that go wrong with them, it’s a Kreepy Krauly, hands down.

Sure Baracudda markets itself as having no moving parts, but the one part that does all the action also wears out on a yearly basis. If you ask me, it’s also a moving part, so their literature is pretty misleading.
If you’re budget allows spending over a grand, then the Polaris vac sweep 360 or 380 is most certainly the way to go. The only issue here is if your pool currently has a plumbing line going to the pool it can use. Without one, you’ll have to go the over deck route, which then is a hose to trip over, lying on the deck. That’s the only drawback.

These two cleaners are totally different in their collection and operation. The Kreepy uses suction side plumbing (debris to the pump basket and filter), the Polaris uses pressure side, with it’s own booster pump and it’s collection is a bag attached to the Polaris head. So check out these befor settling on a Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner.


3 Responses to “Is Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner The Best?”
  1. scubabob says:

    I have a Polaris 360. It works great. Try to find one that works on your system as it is. Some cleaners you have to install a separate pump for them to work. Go to Google and search for “Swimming Pool Cleaners” you’ll get a bunch. They are definitely cheaper on the Internet. Big markup at swimming pool supply stores.

  2. bugear00 says:

    Ray Vac is the best! Have had one over 15 years in our pool and it really does a terrific job. It has to be ordered through a pool company, as they must order it for you, can’t do it yourself. Check with several pool companies and I am sure they can help you.

  3. Nancy S says:…
    The best is that person you pay to come around every couple of days!

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