How To Clean A Very Dirty Pool?

It is a really large spa. The water going green and there are leaves, bugs, and stones in it. I had a professional pool guy come look at it and he said to pump out the water, but I don’t get why i cant just use a net to get out the leaves and bugs, and then drain it. Will it clog the drain if the water is so dirty or something?
Also, i need to know how to clean the pool itself (i.e. the plaster and algae etc)
Thanks for all help


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  1. Gary P says:

    I would do what you suggested. Fish out all of the debris. What I am about to tell you I do every time my pool goes green.
    Go and but ordinary household bleach. How much depends on how big your pool is but get a lot. Bleach is nothing more than Chlorine but it is a lot cheaper than the chemicals you buy from the pool store. My pool is 30 x 15 and 4 gallons does a great job.
    Turn on the pump and clean the filter daily (unless you have a sand filter. If it does not show signs of clearing after a day, add more Bleach. The Bleach will actually burn off in the sun, so when the pool is clean, check for chlorine levels until they are within acceptable range before using it. Do not waste money on pool chemicals.
    Once you are seeing the water clear up, you may have to start scrubbing the plaster to help loosen the algae.

  2. simplemi says:

    We had a beautiful pool when we moved in but in a couple of days it began to go sour. We never had owned a pool before so we didn’t know what to do. We finally contacted a pool agency and they wanted us to test the water, after they saw it and tested it, they gave us the chemicals we needed. It’s expensive but not as bad as I had thought…. we had to run our filter system for 24 hours with one type of chemical in it, then 12 hours with another chemical. You can clean the debris out with the net, we did. To get the algae out you will need the chemicals… that’s what we are learning ….

  3. Harry says:

    I did not cover my above ground pool last winter and I had to drain it and us a pressure washer to get it clean.

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