How Do You Get Rid Of A Ring Around A Vinyl Pool Liner?

I have a vinyl above ground pool that has a nasty ring right above the waterline. (I believe its commonly referred to as a “scum line”) Last year, I tried all kinds of vinyl cleaning products to try to get rid of it (including “Jack’s Magic”) to no avail.
I was going to try two different products this year. One is call vinyleraser and the other is Omni Pool Surface Cleaner.
Does anyone know if there is anyway to get rid of the dreaded scum line?


5 Responses to “How Do You Get Rid Of A Ring Around A Vinyl Pool Liner?”
  1. Yap, you should clean it when it starts building up before it hardens.

  2. brassinp says:

    Have you tried Magic Eraser?

  3. katzchen says:

    This question makes me wonder if you’re putting enough chlorine in your pool. Does the water itself appears scummy? Do you shock it once a month?
    It’s probably algae buildup – this can be common if the pool isn’t used that much. The water doesn’t move around a lot, so that gives the nasty algae time to grow.
    In the past, I’ve had luck getting rid of minor rings like this with a bit of concentrated chlorine powder on a stiff brush, being careful not to damage the liner while scrubbing. My stains probably were not quite as stubborn as yours, however.

  4. Marcus R. says:

    When I was in high school, that was one of my chores and fine steel wool does the job the best along with elbo grease. I used the time to work on my tan but I still grumbled.

  5. marisela says:

    Try the solutions you have mentioned but the best way is to prevent it from growing in the first place by washing with a cloth every day.

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