How Do You Clean A Pool After Very Strong Santa Ana Winds?

I was able to clean our pool successfully after the Santa Ana winds last year, but this year was by far the worst ever…looks like a giant cup of black coffee!
I need some direction on how best to get the pool back to its original state. Vacuuming alone does not seem to be making much difference. I have not shocked it yet, but will this weekend. Any other suggestions?


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  1. WeaponiZ says:

    I’m going to assume the pool is fairly well chemically maintained and that what you’re dealing with isn’t black algae. If it is, even if you get all the debris and dirt out of the pool, you will still have spotting around the pool.
    That being said, the first place to start is to get the majority of the dirt and debris out of the pool and go from there. This is easy enough to do, its just incredibly time consuming. Having the capability to backwash will make this much easier on you. So lets hope you don’t have a cartridge filter. A floculant can expedite this process as well. This type of chemical can be purchased at nearly any pool store and will essentially group the particles in “suspension” that are causing the water to look dingy and sink them to the bottom so they can be easily vaccumed out.
    So basically add floculant, vaccume, backwash, vaccume, backwash. :) After that if there is any remaining cloudyness, have the water tested or check it yourself. Make any necessary adjustments to the pH and shock the pool if the Cl is low. Allow the filter to continuously run until it clears up, then backwash one more time! At this point you’re in the clear. ^_~ Hope this helps, good luck.

  2. Steve-O says:

    Backwash the filter several times, vacuuming in between. If there’s that junk in there, then it has to come out of the pool through the filter. Shocking won’t do any good until the junk is actually out of the pool.

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