How Do We Clean Our Pool?

We just bought a house with an inground pool. The water in our pool seems fine (nice an clear, no odors) but the wall of the pool looks discolored and there is “crude” which looks like mold/mildew around the joints etc. How do we clean the surface safely?


2 Responses to “How Do We Clean Our Pool?”
  1. psuaub62 says:

    There is a chemical you can buy that is safe to use while you are in the water. You buy that chemical which any pool store should carry and then a scrub brush. Hop in the pool and scrub a dub dub

  2. alphadog says:

    use the pole, if one came with the house, and put the wide head brush, broom on it scrub very hard, don’t fall in. when your done backwash the filter, shock the water, wait till the water is clear again. backwash the filter again and test the water. balance the water chemicals as needed.

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