How Do I Get My Pool Clean Again?

Well, our swimming pool keeps going green even when we clean it, we just switched from clorene to a salt-water purifyer system. can any 1 tell me how toget it clean fast and the best way to keep it that way…Thank you very much


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  1. Ashley says:

    we use shock in our pool. you should contact your local pool company and ask them about that product. it clears it up within a couple of hours. im unsure of the price, however, but it is very good! :] good luck!

  2. tran aka mack says:

    get a vacuum for your pool
    thats what i have
    theyre kinda expensive

  3. misplace says:

    There is alot that goes into switching from chlorine to salt. First you have to make sure that the stabilizer (CYA cynuric acid) in the pool is between 80ppm to 120ppm. This keeps the chorine and other chemicals from jumping around and making your pool green. In other words it won’t hold chlorine is there isn’t enough stabilizer. Second is there enough salt in the pool 3200ppm is recommend to make chlorine. To clean it fast old fashioned muscle. Brush, brush, brush. then let everything settle and vacuum. Also if you have to add stabilizer, add it to the skimmer and run your system for 48hrs

  4. Lachlan Davis says:

    the above comment is COMPLETELY wrong, you must NEVER have more than 90ppm of stabiliser as that will block the chlorine and no amount of chlorine will have any effect. The correct level for stabiliser is 37.5ppm (to be exact), over 30ppm is PLENTY.

    The correct level of salt depends on your model of chlorinator, to say 3200ppm without knowing the brand or model is a joke, and incorrect, 99% of chlorinators require AT LEAST 3500ppm and some need up to 6000ppm.
    A chlorinator that is designed to work on 6000ppm often will not produce any chlorine below 4500ppm, so firstly check what your particular chlorinator needs, then check your salt level.

    If that is correct and you have a chlorine reading of at least 3ppm then check your pH (should be between 7 and 7.7 depending on the pool surface, fibreglass should be 7-7.3, concrete 7.4-7.7) and Total Alkalinity (80-120 for fibreglass, 110-140 for concrete).

    The best tip there is, is get your water tested regularly at a pool shop, it is usually free and they spend all day every day dealing with pools of all shapes and sizes, they know what they’re doing.

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