How Do I Clean My Pool?

I need to drain my pool, it’s green and the walls are covered with algie, how do I clean the algie, It’s there anything I can spray on the pool walls to clean it? help!!!


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  1. my_empty says:

    you have two ways to clean the pool
    1. Go to your local home center and rent a water pump that will drain water out of your pool.
    2. as the water is draining use a hose and try to get as much alge off the walls as you can.
    3. go inside with a soft brush or hard brush (depending if you have a underground pool or above ground liner pool) with soap and water and clean the pool out completly and rinse the walls and floor.
    4. Then put your pump back in and push all the left over water towards the pump to rinse the rest of the dirty water out ( you might need to use a bucket and some sponges to get the last excess water out)
    5. refill the pool up with clean water
    1. go to your local pool supply store and purchase a pool shock chemical threatment that looks like this, im sure all pool supply stores should have this.…
    its a crystal like chemical that will eat up the alge and make the water clear, depending how many gallons your pool is will depend on how many bags you will need.
    (if you measure the size of the pool your local pool store will tell you how gallons and how many bags you will need. i usually use one bag extra then needed to get it to work well)
    2. fill your pool up and connect your pool pump
    3. add the pool shock threatment in the water, (spread it out so its all over the pool water) and let the water cycle so the chemical will eat up the alge and make the water clear
    4. I would recommand a pool brush that you can use to srub off the alge off the walls in the water without draining the pool while the chemical is at work.
    usually overnight you will notice a big difference if you let the pool to cycle, but for the water to get competly clean let it cycle for atleast 1-2days and make sure you test the water with chemical testers before going swimming
    a lot easier to do without draining the pool completly, i always do it this way and works just fine.
    hope this helps

  2. starblue says:

    drain it, vacuum it, then scub it with bleach, and when you fill it back up, add chlorene

  3. ♠LISA♠ says:

    Hi. I have a 9,000 gallon above ground pool. Our water was so green it almost looked black. All I did was go to walmart and buy the pool shock. I put in about 4 bags (making sure it got even distribution throughout the pool w/out settling to the bottom). The next day the water was blue. Then I added some Algeacide, some pH increaser and Clarifier. I swept ther bottom and the sides of the pool to remove the clinging algae. To maintain, all I do is add a bag of shock each week, some algeacide and clarifier each week and keep two chlorine tablets in the floater at all times. I also vacuum one a week. Make sure your skimmer stays free of debris so your filter keeps working. Good luck, hope I helped. Oh, yeah and you should use the testing kit to keep the pH and the chlorine at the right levels.

  4. Beth G says:

    bleach will kill the algae

  5. Monty.J says:

    I have an inground pool approx 40,000 litres. I take a sample of my water tomy local pool shop every 2 weeks and they test it for free. They will tell me if i need to add anything to my pool. You can do this and my bet is they will say to add more chlorine or an algacide to kill any algae in the pool, scrub the walls with a brush and keep your filter on for at least 6-8hrs. Also if you don’t have a backwash system on your filter you should probably take the filter out and clean it or have it professionally cleaned in an acid wash bath. Best thing to do is talk to your local pool shop as they are the experts and will tell you what you need to do to get your pool healthy again. Hope i have been of some help.
    Good Luck

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