How Do I Clean My Pool Quickly?

I have used Algaecide, Shock, a pool vacuum, a skimmer, and a filter on my pool as well as just diving in and picking up leaves with my bare hands. Any ideas on how to pretty much permanently clean my pool by the begining of July. Any answers will help. Thanks!

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  1. rogerS says:

    You have done most of what you are supposed to do. Get a net next time to clean the bottom. Is your filter permanent ? It has to be. You probably need a better filter or the sand inside the filter needs to be changed. So clean out the pool completely, add more shock, change the filter media. Maybe get a pool vacuum.

  2. Cakes says:

    if your skimmer and vacum together are not cleaning it then maybe pipes are clogged or something? it is not getting sufficient power to vacum correctly it seems.
    and about algae it is bleach u want i am thinking due to poisons are bad and will also eventually breed u a strain resistant to it.
    other than that u just add hydrochloric acid to keep pH good. u get pH test kit at pool supply.
    to keep it clean in season of leaf shed it is nice if u have a cover/tarp.

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